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Do you feel stressed out every time you
leave your nanny at home with the kids?

Do you feel like your nanny never truly
listens to you or follows
your instructions?

Do you repeatedly hire and then fire
new nannies?

Do you worry that your kids are:

  • Having meltdowns while you're at work?
  • Developing poor eating habits?
  • Spending too much time in front of the TV?
  • Being subjected to inconsistent discipline, or worse...?

If you answered "YES" to any of these questions...
then The Nanny Toolbox™ is for YOU!

Nanny Issues in the Media

"... there is no licensing process for nannies. But you can look for other signs that a nanny candidate takes her job seriously. Some attend schools that train nannies with classes..."


"The biggest thing that made my relationship with [nanny] work was COMMUNICATION... Expectations were clear, and there were no secrets. To that end, I gave her a detailed care sheet that listed her duties and responsibilities."

Web MD
Exclusive e-Book Edition

Here's How it Works...

Childcare experts agree that the key to a successful relationship with your child's caregiver is effective COMMUNICATION!

The Nanny Toolbox™ will give you the tools you need to communicate effectively in a CONSTRUCTIVE, MUTUALLY RESPECTFUL and EFFICIENT way.

With The Nanny Toolbox™ you can learn how to keep your kids SAFE, HAPPY and HEALTHY by providing proper information and instruction to your nanny or caregiver.

Your nanny will feel capable,
trusted, valued and

And that will translate into
better care for your kids!!


  • Identify and prioritize your child care expectations,
  • Communicate your preferences clearly and efficiently,
  • Provide vital and relevant information to your nanny,
  • Navigate cultural and child-rearing differences, and
  • Create and maintain a healthy relationship with your nanny!

The Nanny Toolbox™ will show you how!

What People Are Saying About The Nanny Toolbox

"I wanted to send a note of thanks for developing The Nanny Toolbox™. As a busy mother of two with a full-time career, it is just what the doctor ordered!

The Nanny Toolbox™ has helped us run our home more smoothly, and has also put my mind at ease knowing that the instructions I’ve given to our nanny are clear, detailed, and complete. All those scraps of paper where I scribbled reminders and then pinned to my bulletin board, or placed on my countertop are things of the past... Thank you for making this so easy for us."

- Jennifer - Mother to Ethan and Sophie

"... I wanted to tell you that The Nanny Toolbox™ is probably the MOST useful, well-thought, comprehensive tool I have bought since the baby was born. My Ayi has difficulties pronouncing English, but she can read it, now I really feel empowered because we have discussed almost every possible relevant point of my baby’s care...

Anyway, I just wanted to tell you that you created something wonderful that is improving the lives of moms in places as far as China. Thanks a lot!!!"

- Maria - Mother of Marco

"When our nanny arrived, I was overwhelmed by the amount of information that I wanted to transfer to her about the intricacies of our household. The Nanny Toolbox™ helped me convey all of that important information in a clear and organized manner. The pre-designed sheets are a huge time saver... and the author thought of every possible detail!

The Nanny Toolbox™ definitely helped us get off to a good start with our new nanny and our house runs more smoothly because of it!"

- N.S.

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The Nanny Toolbox™

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Retail Value: $49.95.
Exclusive e-book Edition for

ONLY $24.95

Safe and SecureSafe & secure transactions


Here's What You Get...

Exclusive e-Book Edition
  • Daily and weekly family schedules
  • Feeding and baby care instructions
  • Emergency contact information
  • Planning tools for family meals, school lunches, and playdates
  • Housework guides and instruction sheets
  • Helpful hints for managing your relationship with your nanny
  • Nanny interview sheets
  • Instructions and samples

And much, much more...

The Nanny Toolbox™ Train. Educate. Prepare.

You trust your nanny to care for your most
precious treasures - your CHILDREN!

Don't leave their well being to chance...
get your copy of The Nanny Toolbox today!